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Supreme Court will arrest any attempt to force a one party state on Ghanaians, LMVCA declares
From: LMVCA          Published On: February 19, 2013, 00:37 GMT
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Supreme Court will arrest any attempt to force a one party state on Ghanaians, LMVCA declares

Some members of LMVCA

‘Let My Vote Count Alliance’, a multi party pressure group campaigning for support and justice towards the high profiled presidential election petition at Ghana’s Supreme Court have charged Ghanaians to have confidence in the apex court’s ability to deliver justice on the matter.

Member of the group and CPP parliamentary aspirant for Kintampo North in the 2012 elections, James Kwabena Bomfeh (Jnr), made this statement at the group’s latest tour of activity at the Cape Coast town hall on Sunday.

“I want us all to have absolute confidence in the impartiality of our Supreme Court judges, they have seen it all and they know exactly what is at stake, they know the implications of a ruling that does not consider the future of our democracy and restore confidence in our elections”, said James Bomfeh.

The Supreme Court was at the helm of affairs in the landmark case of the NPP vs. GBC, that ensured that the state broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation gave equal airtime and coverage to both incumbent and opposition parties during elections and associated campaigns. Again, the Supreme Court was in the thick of affairs in another landmark ruling involving the NPP vs. IGP and ruled for the right to demonstrate.

According to James Bomfeh, Ghana’s democracy would not have been where it is today without our men and women of the Judiciary.

“We have come to yet another juncture in our political dispensation where we need our honorable judges to rescue our democracy and we trust they will do just that”, James Bomfeh assured the excited audience. “And trust the Supreme Court judges to ensure Ghana does not slip into a one party state as we are currently tending by the 2012 elections results”, he added.

Reacting to some comments made by some NPP sympathizers on the LMVCA and other platforms suggesting the matter in court was an NPP affair, “I get disappointed at some of the comments by some NPP members when they speak about the election petition, the implications of the court’s ruling on this matter will be very far reaching to affect the entire country, it will affect Ghanaians and the conduct of all future elections, it should therefore not be seen as any individual or political party’s local matter ”, James Bomfeh retorted.

Speaking on other range of issues, he also argued on why the case cannot be wrong. There are rules set to govern the conduct of every credible election if fairness and transparency will matter in the outcome.

He continues, “How else does anyone feeling aggrieved on the conduct and outcome of an election seek legitimate redress if not through the courts”, he asked. “It is a constitutional matter and the framers have adequately provided for such a redress, so let no one tell us that adhering to the constitution is wrong and rather makes one a man fomenting violence”, James Bomfeh argued.

Other notable speakers at the event were Atik Mohammed, a policy analyst with the PNC who said; “Without the justice from the Supreme Court, it will be difficult and indeed impossible for us to trust our elections as a means to changing a government”.

Abu Ramadan, a youth organizer also of the PNC, spoke against attempts by LMVCA detractors to misrepresent the group.

“Our detractors are bent on misrepresenting us to the Ghanaian public but we will not be deterred, our message is very simple, it is as clear as our focus, we want justice from the Supreme Court and we want reforms at the EC”, he explained to the audience.

When it was the turn of Ernest Owusu Bempah, a deputy communications director of the NDP to mount the platform, the anxious audience grew with excitement and responded with cheers to his presentation.

He charged the audience to be strong in their resolution to demand nothing short of justice from the Supreme Court. “They will do anything to shake our resolution including intimidate us by their abuse of power but stand firm and do not be moved”, the NDP man admonished the gathering. He continued, “The result of the 2012 election is adverse, it will only destroy our society if it is allowed to stay”.

On his part, Sammy Awuku, a deputy communications director of the NPP, assured the expectant audience of the weight of evidence in court. “The petitioners have provided even further and better particulars than the respondents had asked for by providing particulars on irregularities at 11,916 polling stations”, the NPP man said and got the audience to scream and clap with excitement. “Ghana will definitely have a new leader when the Supreme Court finally rules for justice”, Sammy Awuku added.

The group’s next event will be announced soon.

David Asante (Member)

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