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Lighten up my world (dedicated to ECG!)
From: Ghana/Faridatu Shaibu          Published On: January 31, 2013, 9:36 GMT
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Lighten up my world (dedicated to ECG!)

Faridatu Shaibu, the author

For a minute I enjoy the luxury
For days I endure the penury
Now darkness shadows my world
And silence makes the whirl

Aha! There goes the affronts, curses, moans and protests
Even the atmosphere comes to a stand-still
Yet Iím lured to pay the monthís bill

At least live up to the mantle

My joy is constantly compromised
Always wondering about the next eclipse
When will these crises ever cease
Hello! Can I have a little peace?

Now my wardrobe is left in shambles
Go! Get me a coal and that cocked metal
Take me back to the good old days
And I will never have to criticize your ways

At least grant me an early notice

Like an occasionally generous chap
Your promises never seize to amaze a lad
You lighten up my world for a second
You leave me dejected for a decade

I know you care less about my plea
But wait till we all decide to flee
Rejecting your services forever
We will avoid a long term blunder

I hear you are dark and lovely

Donít tell me you are on with the connections
Oh please! Say that to future generations
Donít tell me the population is a problem
I was told you have the solution

Please release me from this torture
Liberate me from your incessant rapture
For I too is worthy of some liveliness
To make my life meaningful
And to all who have been faithful

ECG! ECG!! ECG!!! ECG!!!!
Hmmm, how many times did I call your name?

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