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Comment: Land acquisition and the role of Lands Commission in Ghana
Published On: August 22, 2010, 00:00 GMT
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One most important area in our society where successive governments have failed to manage well is the sale/acquisition of lands in our towns and cities, and the commission mandated to oversee the process of acquiring land title have failed miserably in discharging their duties. Instead, the whole Lands Commission smells of mal administration and corruption. I think the time is now ripe to sack all the old, ineffective, less knowledgeable and archaic brains from the commission and bring in a young dynamic and energetic young men and women to take over the everyday challenges associated with land registration.

I purchased a land about a year ago and to date I have still not received the land title even though I have paid all the administrative cost associated with the land acquisition. I strongly believe that the Lands Commission have contributed and continue to contribute greatly to the multiple sales of lands in Ghana. Because they fail to register the land on time the hungry chiefs and heads of stool lands take the pleasure to sell the same parcel of land to many people. The situation is so stressful and I do not think it auger well for a middle income country like ours where one cannot buy a land and leave it to fallow for just a few months whiles he try to mobilise to start his/her project. I think the situation is just so bad, that you cannot even trust a traditional ruler/chief for whatever he says. Most of these chiefs do not have other sources of income and all that they prey on is the multiple sales of lands. Instead of the Land Commission to up their game against this situation, some of them have connived with these so-called chiefs to cheat fellow Ghanaians.

The minister of Land and forestry should bow his/her head in shame for not being able to crack down on corrupt officials in the Land Commission whose job is just to extort money from prospective land buyers and do nothing at all in terms of registering the lands hence creating pandemonium in our peaceful country.

I think the minister in charge of lands should be made to resign if this situation is not put under control. The government should also come out with strict guidelines/legislation for land acquisition and registration and any chief who fall foul of the law should be tried and imprisoned if found guilty.

I challenge the Government to come clean and prosecute all who involve themselves in shady land deals and to prosecute all the corrupt officials in the Land Commission.

We can never have a better Ghana if our chiefs and the Lands Commission continue to connive to cheat and steal from fellow Ghanaians.

Credit: Adumua Sam /Midlands UK
Email: greatosu_lboro@yahoo.com

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