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So, Afari Gyan resigns and the NPP benefits?
Friends, at this juncture in our national politics, the chips have fallen in place, but the defeated NPP cabal doesn’t seem to know that reality and is still up and about, raising dust for nothing.

Communications and Advocacy Workshop on Maternal and Newborn Health ends in Accra
Ghana has hosted communications and advocacy activists from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Tanzania as part of the international MamaYe Campaign, a multi-year programme, which aims to improve maternal and newborn survival in sub-Saharan Africa.

An open letter to NPP supporters - by Jake Obetsibi-Lamptey
We have just come through eight difficult months during which we presented evidence to the Supreme Court of how we were denied the opportunity to govern our country by the omissions, malpractices and irregularities of the Electoral Commission. These were the findings, in one area or another, by a majority of the Judges.

A Letter to My Future Wife: If I die before our marriage
But, today, as I sit down to write this letter I can almost see your exact reaction. Whatever it may be, just do me this favour: read this letter to the end and keep it safely.

Crisis in NPP, what crisis?
In the UK, lurid revelations have reopened old wounds on the poisonous relationship which laid the foundation for Labour’s defeat in 2010, between former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his main rival, his finance minister and successor, Gordon Brown and their rival camps.

IMANI President writes to the Pensions Regulator: Where is our pension money?
I have become overwhelmed and increasingly worried about the number of calls I personally receive from disgruntled workers and retirees about the poor state of their pensions.

Harruna Attah remembers Kofi Awoonor
I wrote this sometime in May 2012. Originally titled “Professor Kofi Awoonor’s sound bytes”, I sent him a copy and he responded by saying that I had made his day. The reason would be found at the very end of this lifetime eulogy now turned into a dirge.

Caught in the carnage – a tale of tears and terror
Hmm, I have nothing save a tale of tears and terror to tell, and I tell it with a heart heavy with sorrow—a heart heavy for innocent souls lost. Shot down for no crime. Oh!

The gulf between thinking and talking: Hon Kumbour’s beef
He spoke and when he did; he spoke truth. Views that connected with the Latin motto of my alma mater: VERITAS LIBERAT – The truth shall set you free’.

God, favoritism and terrorism: What next after Prof. Kofi Awoonor?—Part I
What does the Ghanaian constitution say about “terrorism”? If there is one, please do let us know because we are not aware of every facet of our constitution. If not, are there any preparations being made to constitutionalize or legislate “terrorism” as a crime perpetrated against the state, the individual, and his/her properties?

Africa, emerging economies and globalization
Africa’s economies are consistently growing faster than those of almost any other region – and at twice the rate of the 1990s. This has led to improvements in several areas such as trade, mobilization of government revenue, infrastructure development, and the provision of social services.

Reality Zone: Why Kwabena Kwabena inspires
One doleful day for me recently was when I went to visit a relation at one of the maternity wards of the Korle-Bu teaching hospital. I was stupefied and could not believe I was in one of the most critical areas of any hospital.

Who’s the greatest leader in Ghana’s history?
As an avid follower of Ghana’s politics, an article dated August 11, 2011, published by one of the country’s leading online news portals, myjoyonline,recently caught my attention.

Is ECG Board Chairman in conflict of interest?
Ghana is blessed with three major cables and cabling companies. They are Nexans Kabelmetal (GH) Limited, Tropical Cables & Conductor Company Limited and Reroy Cables Limited.

Africa’s development facing its greatest intellectual crisis: response to my critics II
Hello. I am optimistic the first installment answered some of your many queries. Today, we move to the second installment. I hope you give it the same critical attention you gave the prequel, “Response to My Critics—(I)”. Let’s go straight to today’s conversation:

The Critical Thinker (2)
Picking up the threads from last week’s Critical Thinker (1), in the forefront was an attempt to stimulate in the minds of readers, the bases for and application of critical thinking.

When Okaaay is not OK
How are you this morning? I am OK; Did you sleep well? It was OK; Did your friends enjoy your birthday party? They said it was OK; Was the food at the party nice? It was OK;

Statement: Tribute to Professor Kofi Awoonor
The Socialist Forum of Ghana (SFG) has learnt of the death of Professor Kofi Awoonor, an academic of high repute, a poet, author, diplomat and extraordinary political activist with deep shock and sorrow.

A Tribute to Prof. Kofi Awoonor
I remember rummaging through a collection of secondhand books one Saturday afternoon in New York, Manhattan, when I came across a book, a strange book, almost threadbare. And the book in question was “This Earth, My Brother.”

Africa’s success! Africa has and will succeed!
The continent Africa is a success and will succeed! This gush of positive conviction is birthed from a grudge with the gross pessimism expressed by some Africans and “intellectuals” alike, perhaps the “elite” is a better word as it also encompasses the self-professed development physicians and enlightened ones to the ways of “modernity”.

Tribute to the late Prof. Kofi Awoonor‏
Prof, I attempt to pour out my heart through these 14 lines. Not sure if you’d call it a poem.