Last Updated: September 27, 2013, 12:23 am


Ghana beach soccer league ends in grand style – Rejoinder
We have followed the news item published in which the impression was created that Ghana Beach Soccer League Champions Sunset Sports Keta were disrespectful to the La Mantse and dignitaries present when we attempted to boycott the trophy and medals presentations and find it necessary to issue a rejoinder.

Open letter to the NPP executives and stalwarts
As a member of the great New Patriotic Party, I am extremely disappointed that some of the executives of our great party will act in a manner that causes problem for our party and divide us to the core.

IGP Alhassan: the man of the moment
We always have the tendency of withholding our praises and commendations for people who excel in their areas of scope until something happens and they leave the scene. That is when we all jump and shower needless praises which brings nothing to cheer about.

Re: Ghanaian students turn beggars on the streets of Morocco as useless embassy folds arms
In reference to an article published by mordernGhana on the 20th of August, 2013 with the above stated heading, as representatives of the Ghanaian Students’ Association in Morocco(GHASAM) , we see it imperative to issue a formal rejoinder to bring to light the truth and real facts at hand.

Ghana! the way forward
As the countdown draws closer to the Judges decision, I think and I'm sure all Ghanaians are seriously praying for something good to come out of this decision.

Peace Ho, save our beloved country
On August 29th this year, the much awaited Supreme Court decision on the 2012 election petition will be announced. There have been numerous reports and commentaries in the media that has created an impression that the country will be torn apart and thrown into turmoil after the verdict is announced.

Speaker Adjaho cannot be President - if SC judgement renders position vacant
Permit me to use your platform to draw the attention of our dear country to the fact that contrary to the widely held view, under the 1992 Constitution of Ghana the Speaker of Parliament, presently Doe Adjaho, cannot be President of the Republic in the event of any of the scenarios possible under the impending verdict of the Supreme Court in the pending Election Petition case.

Re: We can't maintain teacher trainees’ allowance – Mahama
President John Mahama should understand that the fact that teacher training colleges across Ghana have been upgraded to tertiary institutions does not necessarily equate them to Ghanaian universities.

The rampant demonstrations and agitations over appointments of MMDCEs: Who is to blame?
This year has been a challenging year to the president, his Excellency John Dramani Mahama over the appointments and rejections of MMDCEs. The question is, should these ‘foot soldiers’ be blamed for their actions even though they are becoming lawless? Should the constituency executives be blamed? The appointment committee or the President?

Is the Ghana Police Service above the law?
Soon after the election petition hearing fully commenced at the Supreme Court in Accra, the Ghana Police Service came out with a statement banning the holding of demonstrations and special events in the country. Attempts by some groups to hold demonstrations were refused because of the hearing.

Victoria Hammah has done nothing wrong - she’s only human
Last week, I heard some people calling for the resignation of Victoria Hammah, a deputy minister of communication. Her crime, she went to a public function, could not find her speech and decided to read from her head or deliver a speech extempore. People were not happy that she made the situation public. In their words, this is immature.

Government of Ghana scholarships abroad
Several Ghanaian students on scholarship abroad have been left to starve to death in many parts of the world! Yes, again. This is not the first time you’ve heard about this in the past months, right? It is still happening.

Taming the dogs - Nana Kyei's take
Politics of insinuations, casting of sneer at integrity, trading in derogatory remarks coupled with the use of invectives in addressing authorities seems to be out of regulations in the current line of politicking in Ghana.

The plight of Ghanaian students on GetFund scholarship In UK
Since we arrived here in September 2012 to start our studies we, students on government scholarships have not been paid anything from GETfund by way of our living allowances. This situation has left many of us stranded in the UK, finding it extremely difficult to even put body and soul together.

Ghana private institutions are dishonest
It’s indeed sad to read various articles on the web and some radio stations asking the government of Ghana to remove tax on private Universities in Ghana.

Is Kofi Atta-Mills a Coroner or Pathologist?
One year after his death and widespread speculation over what caused the same, the only known child and son of President Mills has reportedly said that contrary to many published reports, he has never granted any interview intimating that the late president died of poisoning.

Must a visit to the United Kingdom cost the Ghanaian that much?
My first experience with the work of High Commissions and embassies in Ghana was when my younger sister’s first summer Holidays in the United Kingdom.

Red Alert! Cleanliness is next to godliness?
The rubbish in Accra has created a truly filthy environment.

Away with these prophets of doom!!
If any war should destabilize Ghana, it won’t start from ‘afar” but from within the country, probably engendered by the senseless rabble-rousing that these men-of-God will do in collusion with their disappointed political diehards.

Ablakwa's "Comic Relief"
The fact of the matter is that the key operatives of the so-called ruling National Democratic Congress have a scaldingly hot case on their hands, which has driven President John Dramani Mahama into a screaming state of hysteria.

Stumbling Philip Addison Finally Crash-Lands
We will now wait and see how the addresses of the parties will go before the final determination of the case by the nine justices of the Supreme Court. But believe me, there will be gnashing of teeth and so many supporters of the NPP cannot be comforted because they will find it too late that they have been misled all along.