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Daily Graphic has been unfair to CPP
From: Sarah Asante, CPP          Published On: June 27, 2013, 13:00 GMT
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Daily Graphic   has been unfair to  CPP

The so-called new Daily Graphic has in the last couple of days decided to adorn itself in blindfolding colours instead of dealing with its fallen image as a state-sponsored press.

It is little wonder that its so-called ‘new-look’ is only attracting sycophantic praises, devoid of any substance or value. Who does not know that the problems facing the Daily Graphic have nothing to do with colours? Who does not know that the real problems facing the Daily Graphic have everything to do with the mismanagement of the company to suit the whims and caprices of a few fascist-minded people at its helm?

A typical attestation to the fallen standards of journalism at the Daily Graphic is what happened on June 20, 2013 when the editors of the newspaper decided to throw the ethics of the noble profession to the dogs; to serve what purpose only God knows! For, how can one explain the organization’s decision to choose spin over accuracy and truth—ironically the same ideals that the organization is supposed to be pursuing with its new wishy-washy colours?

For all intents and purposes, the Daily Graphic’s decision to clothe itself with a misleading banner headline on June 20, 2013 that read: “CPP CHASES 700,000 CAMPAIGN CASH MEANT FOR ELECTION 2012” may have been calculated to tarnish the image of the CPP, but in the end, it rather exposed the newspaper’s editorial malaise which has become the hallmark of its present management.

Every Ghanaian knows that in this Fourth Republic, if there is any political party whose name has never been associated with corruption, then it is the Convention People’s Party. It therefore came as a surprise to many when the Daily Graphic decided to descend into the gutters and jeopardized its already tainted reputation with the crudest form of mercenary journalism. What made it worse was the attempt by the newspaper to dedicate the first two paragraphs of the story to deceive the whole world into believing that the leadership of the CPP had been given 700,000 cedis campaign cash, an amount, which could have only been conjured from the figment of the imaginations of the Graphic editorial board.

In fact, if not for mischief, ordinarily, this should have been a simple story of how the CPP set up a committee to ensure an open and accountable process around the issues of resource mobilization and allocation during the 2012 election campaign. As a matter of fact, since the beginning of the Fourth Republic news is yet to be heard on how any major political party in Ghana has subjected itself to such an admirable height of transparency in its own administration.

The treachery of Daily Graphic was exhibited in its highest form when they shamelessly gave no prominence to the CPP’s rejoinder. They pushed it away from the front page where the bad publicity was given all the way to “page 18”. But to think that they would stop would have been a joke, they fought to share the little space they have ‘benevolently’ allowed the CPP and reacted to the CPP’s reaction including other extraneous ones.

It must be stated that the CPP has been unfairly treated by Daily Graphic. The least in this novelty by the CPP was to have been nothing short of congratulations. But as mischief would have it, Daily Graphic chose to malign the CPP. It appears they were much more in the hurry to be the first to publish the story than to be the first to serve the good people of Ghana with accuracy and truth.

As it stands now, it appears that only one reason could have accounted for that bad editorial decision—the fact that the CPP is perceptibly a ‘small party’ and would not be readily able to marshal forces against “Daily Graphic the Giant”. But this is precisely the reason why “Daily Graphic the Giant” could have exercised restraint in seeking to protect the rights of the ‘weak’.

The strength and power of Daily Graphic is not in its ability to muzzle or malign the weak but instead in their ability to protect the rights of the poor, the vulnerable, the weak and perceived minorities. It is only when ‘these people’ genuinely begin to say a daily ‘thank you’ to Daily Graphic and hold the organization dear in their hearts as a voice for the voiceless that Daily Graphic would be living its mandate; not the other way round.

The CPP has neither serial callers nor a rented press. And this is where Daily Graphic could have demonstrated strength by remaining faithful to the profession and ethics of journalism, of fairness, of truthfulness, of accuracy and avoiding the temptation of slanting or skewing. Already the party is faced with fierce and practical problems fountained on the 1992 constitution through to the ideological space and political machinations by opponents and reactionary forces.

As we speak, buildings which should be hosting CPP offices across the length and breadth of the country are still under the confiscation of the state through the Forfeiture of Assets Decree NLCD 23.

Under this ‘constitutional arrangement’ the CPP is unfairly denied access to its own assets including its buildings now hosting the Ministry of Information in Accra, the Fire Service Office also in Accra, the Regional Education Municipal Office in Eastern Region, the Regional Police command buildings in Brong Ahafo and Ashanti Region, the Birth and Death Registry building in Central Region and a host of others.

The real threat of this dishonorable action by the Daily Graphic is yet to be revealed when in another publication “Daily Graphic the Giant” chooses neither Samia-Sakara nor CPP but a small organization like Kinapharma, a company still suffering the damage of an earlier Daily Graphic publication or an individual or a minority as a prey for its infliction.

It is obvious that the same newspaper would have hastened slowly or avoided the spin or slant if it were some so called “bigger parties”. It is curious to note that not even the historic victory chalked by the CPP in the Kumbungu bye-election would receive as much publicity from the Daily Graphic as they would give a skewed story aimed at maligning, misinforming and deceiving the good people.

The victory graphically retells the captivating story of how “little David” conquered and beheaded the ferocious dinosaur-looking Philistine, Goliath.

Immediately after CPP’s humiliating defeat in the 2012 elections nobody expected any signs of life from that party, indeed many were the write-ups and commentaries that flooded the news space that the CPP is officially dead.

Under the umbrella of this vile propaganda the poisoned public could just not conceive that the ‘dead CPP’ would be the first to offer itself as sacrifice in response to the emergency call by the National Blood Transfusion Service on the need to donate blood to save lives.

In a rapid and urgent response action, the CPP Youth League organized an unprecedented Blood Donation Campaign at the Freedom and Justice Park, Kwame Nkrumah Circle on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. Daily Graphic was invited but not a single sentence would be scribbled by the state newspaper to encourage other political parties to follow suit.

This was ultimately the highest demonstration of patriotism and love for humanity; a story worth Daily Graphic’s Editorial if not its front page at a time in our country when words like sacrifice and patriotism are almost in the trash bin. But the CPP continues to show determination.

This recent damning publication by the Daily Graphic may seem very discouraging but the CPP I know are people convicted in our hearts and minds to do what is right no matter the price. They shall not succumb because our oppressors are bigger, they shall not crumble because their bellies are empty; they shall not give up because some have betrayed or sold them. They are resolved to remain the social conscience of our country and they would continue to organise until their victory is certain.

They may have been subjugated, maligned and ridiculed and even violently inflicted but they are comforted that “the stone that the builders rejected shall become the corner stone of the building”.

Forward Ever!

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