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Ghana has won it again for Africa
From: Rayan Salisu          Published On: May 31, 2013, 06:58 GMT
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Ghana has won it again for Africa

Ghana has won it again for Africa, therefore Africa has won: The league of democracy that has been and still being franchised in many parts of the world has been played, won, and consolidated on the African continent. In Africa, the entire if, but, when, how, and the rest of the doubts or what some may see as the democracy tests, are constantly in different motions.

If democracy on the other hand was a human being, then, its pulse must have been tested on the continent God knows how many number of times. There will be no need to even mention the different twists and turns that its health has and is still being taken. One would even have to go further to say, whenever democracy is admitted to the intensive care unit, all the members of the worlds democracy league you can be sure are quick to play their parts in touching or offering diagnosis on its health situation and start wishing it well or send it one medicine or the other.

Democracy upon all its health troubles is still alive and seems to be gaining strength everyday in Africa. Should Africa seek the attention of the world whenever democracy takes a prescribed medication that strengthens its health? Or, Is it normal that, the rest of the world gets the opportunity to view democracy extensively whenever democracy has a seizure in any part of Africa? These two questions are being posed because; it is obvious that, Africa gets more than enough coverage of the so-called international media (part of the network for thepromotion of healthy democracy around the world) whenever something negative occurs to democracy on the African continent.

The real significant, positive, bold and a major aspects of democratization on the African continent is of little interest to those who claim to promote democracy around the world, unless it has a connotation that takes away some of the positive shines of democracy.

The violence that followed Kenya's 2008 elections and brought about the ICC stigma to Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto gave every international media a good reason to cover extensively the 2013 election. The subsequent Supreme Court case about the irregularities in the elections was keenly anticipated and since Raila Odinga accepted the Supreme Courtís decision, the impacts of Kenya's elections on democracy is left there to be scrutinized on another day.

Letís not forget Laurant Gbagbo and Alasane Ouattara's Ivory Coast. In this case, democracy was at the brink of death if not for the intervention of the French (depending on which side you sit). There was no sign of a modus vivendi between the North and South in the Ivory cost at that time, so lets live this also for the experts.

Today, it is very clear that, Ghana, is championing real democracy on the level that, even the exporters of democracy would find it difficult to practice fully in their own back yards. The December 2012 electionshas been petitioned at the supreme court of the country and unsurprisingly (looking at Ghana's democracy) it is playing out very peacefully and in a matured manner.

There has never been any case of an election petition hearing on this scale for them to copy or take as precedence at least on the African continent, but they are exhibiting maturity with all the factors that democracy needs in other to strive. One is tempted to say that, a matured opposition and government, astute judiciary, well-balanced and matured media and an informed populace are nursing true democracy on the world's stage for Africa.

Indeed it is definitely not as green and as fresh as one would imagine in a clean democracy (if it really exists), otherwise there will not be an election petition because the electoral commission will not have given the opposition a good reason to go to the Supreme Court.

Even as the lenses of the global democracy campaign is not beaming what is transpiring in Ghana to the wider world, Ghanaians have taken it to another level, by making sure that, at least the world will get to witness what they are achieving for Africa, by having a live television broadcast. The Internet and its offspring (social media) have made it possible for it to be viewed across the globe as well as be recorded for generations to come.

Democracy will surely strive through thick and thin, good or bad, and will surely live its life to the fullest on the continent no matter how long it takes. There will always be countries like Ghana who will continue to set the pace for others to follow like in all aspects of human developments. And that is why, it must be said that, Ghana has won; therefore Africa has won.

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