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Young Patriots; President Mahama and Tsatsu go fishing for 241,000 voters
From: Young Patriots          Published On: February 11, 2013, 00:00 GMT
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Mr Tsatsu Tsikata, lead counsel for the National Democratic Congress in the petition seeking to annul the outcome of the December 7 polls left Ghana on Tuesday 5th February, two days before the Supreme Court was to make several rulings.

Three days later on 8th February, President Mahama followed suit. Their mission, to help put together the 241,000 supposed registered voters abroad the Electoral Commission made up.

Young Patriots in collaboration with Young Patriots UK together with the Media relations officer of Ghanaians Abroad Against Corruption, Maame Tiwaa Brookman Amissah have uncovered an elaborate plan being hatched by President Mahama, Tsatsu Tsikata, Dr Henry Mackie but most importantly H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo to put up the supposed register of voters abroad.

President Obasanjo’s role in the rigging of the just ended elections cannot be over-emphasized as he appeared to know more than he should. His continues role to ensure President Mahama stays in power is intriguing.

Under the cover of attending the launch of Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo’s foundation, a sinister plot to continue the manipulation and subversion of the democratic will of the people of Ghana is taking place.

President John Mahama, Counsel for the National Democratic Congress, Tsatsu Tsikata and the Chief Executive of Progressive Data Services Limited Dr Henry Mackie held a secret meeting at Quaglinos Restaurant in the west end area of London.

The frantic discussion which lasted about 2 hours was how they could support the Electoral Commission come up with the names of 241,000 Ghanaians who were said to have registered and voted from abroad. Mr Henry Mackie, who is the CEO of Progressive Data Services Limited with 70 branches in 70 countries is being hired to track down as many Ghanaians as possible living abroad.

Mr Mackie, a former British intelligence officer who served in Zambia and Congo Republic as well as an adviser to the British Home office on African Migration to Europe with connections in most governments is being tasked to get names of Ghanaian nationals with addresses abroad, set up fictitious schools and addresses with phone numbers linked to a bogus call centre to be set up in all Ghana High Commissions across the world. Signed proxy sheets, which will be back dated and stamped as well as photocopied will be sent to the Electoral commission by couriers to avoid detection by the opposition.

The only issue is Mr Mackie has three days to come up with this information for the beleaguered Electoral Commission chaired by Mr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, who has to supply this information to petitioners who have brought a case before Ghana’s Supreme Court contesting the outcome of the 2012 General Elections.

A Ghanaian waiter,(named withheld for security reasons)who served the three gentleman told us President Mahama and Tsatsu Tsikata were very anxious throughout the meeting with Mr Tsikata repeating several times “Doc you ve got to help us or we are sunk.

The young Patriots wish first and foremost to humbly appeal to President Obasanjo to keep his hands of Ghana’s internal affairs. We pray President Goodluck Jonathan to appeal to him to stay away from our electoral matters for the sake of the sister relations between Ghana and Nigeria. We will not tolerate any further attempts by him to help subvert the will of Ghanaians for his personal benefit.

Secondly we wish to appeal to the New Patriotic Party to be up and doing and ensure a forensic auditing of whatever evidence the Electoral Commission will bring as the register of Ghanaian voters abroad.

We through this press statement are also appealing to the US and UK embassies in Ghana and President Barrack Obama and David Cameron to not allow their citizens nor their territories to be used to subvert the will of Ghanaians.

Lastly, we are informing the Electoral Commission and the Commissioners that every move of theirs is being observed and that any attempt to cook up evidence directly or through their surrogates shall not be countenanced.

Richard Nyamah
Hopeson Adorye
Fred Amankwah Sarfo

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