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The Supreme Court must summon Titus Glover
From: Michael Frempong | stelastee@yahoo.com          Published On: January 14, 2013, 07:44 GMT
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The Supreme Court must summon Titus Glover

Titus Glover

Titus Glover a member of the NPP communication team and newly elected member of parliament for Tema East stated on two radio stations days before the Chief Justice empaneled nine judges to deal with the NPP petition that he has been informed Justice Atuguba was going to be on the panel of judges Chief Justice has selected to put to rest NPP's petition challenging 2012 elections.

According to him if that happens NPP will object to his involvement in the panel.

The nine judges who were empaneled to sit on the petition happened to include Justice Atuguba as stated by Titus.NPP legal team also objected to Justice Atuguba's involvement in the panel on 10th January 2012 in a strange circumstances.

These events have raised serious questions as to how Titus Glover who is not the Chief Justice got to know which justice was going to be on the panel even before the names were released.
It is against this background that I strongly suggest that
Titus is summoned to the Supreme Court to answer the following questions:

1.Who told him Justice Atuguba was going to be one of the panel of judges?
2.Where was he told?
3.Who and who were present?
4.What else did they discuss?
5.Whether or not he is aware that his comments could seriously affect public opinion and confidence in the verdict of the Supreme Court?

He should apologise to all Ghanaians for these unguarded statements and swore an affidavit not to put the image of the Supreme Court into disrepute or subject it to public ridicule ever again.

These questions should be answered to ensure that the Supreme Court is truly independent without any real likelyhood of bias because of the sensitive nature of this case.

If the Supreme Court make a mistake, it might have serious consequences.

Some members of a political party want to create the impression that Ghanaians are sitting on a time bomb even though Ghanaians are enjoying peace and prosperity.The continuation of this serene environment depends solely on the supreme court.

The Chief Justice was appointed by Kuffour under the NPP government .Five out of the nine judges were also appointed by former president Kuffour.Two including Justice Atuguba were appointed by former president Rawlings,the other two were appointed by late former president Mills.

Justice Atuguba is the deputy to Chief Justice.He is one of the most experienced and fine justices of the Supreme Court.He happens to be the only Justice in the Supreme Court from the Northern region where the president comes from.

Most of the Supreme Court justices are directly or indirectly related to leading members of the NPP including the Chief Justice herself.Justice Dotse, according to media reports was former chairman of the NPP in the Volta region.

Even though most of the judges are related to the NPP leading members,NDC did not object to the panel.

NPP rather raised the objection to the involvement of Justice Atuguba. Thank God! NPP have realised the dangerous grounds they were treading and have therefore rescinded their decision.

Some lawmakers in Ghana, for example, Kennedy Agyapong and Maxwell Kofi Dwumah are known of making pronouncements which could potentially destroy the country they are leading and suppose to build.

As Ghanaians, It is important to defend and uphold our motherland.

Long live Ghana!

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