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Poem: Lest we forget who we are
From: Okofo-Dartey Samuel          Published On: January 24, 2013, 01:00 GMT
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Our breed is not the lowest stock,
A blessed nation no one dares mock
In our diversity lies a unified block.
To the sceptics, our rise shall be a welcome shock
All these we must be proud of
Lest we forget who we are.

At bay must we keep our petty jealousies
And reckon our lives and others are precious.
To the refinerís fire our straw animosities
In exchange for golden virtues
Which are eternally priceless.
All these we must crave
Lest we forget who we are.

To the nation the best of our service
Though great is the price of sacrifice,
Determined are we without prejudice
To forge a nation of great influence.
Letís limit the excessive dependence
For the sake of our independence.
In progress we must dine with peace
For in war we perish without global presence.
All these we must strive to achieve
Lest we forget who we are.

When tribalism embraces strife
And our hearts seek counsel without love
Then in doom our lives are signed off.
Little can we achieve
If elected leaders appear deceptive.
It is too late to make an archive
Of failures. We must thrive
Devoid of corrupt tendencies to survive.
All these we must in heart resolve
Lest we forget who we are.

AUTHORíS NAME: Okofo-Dartey Samuel
E-MAIL: sodesq2000@yahoo.com

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