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The pageantry hollow leadership of NPP-shoot itself into abyss
From: Ghanabajnr          Published On: December 17, 2012, 00:58 GMT
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The pageantry hollow leadership of NPP-shoot itself into abyss
Until December 9 at exactly 10:30pm, when the EC Chairman announced the 2012 elections in favor of the NDC candidate John Dramani Mahama, I would have put my head to it if anybody told me it would be as such.

Did NPP have excuses for the defeat in this yearís elections when all odds were in favor of us? I think we donít have any excuse for murmuring or crying foul or sharing tears out of ďEmpty RiverĒ!

I feel emotionally disabled not because we have lost, but, because of the man I admire so much and revere, that encompass my comprehension Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. This man has done so much for the good of our country and has a great sense of devotion and dedication for nation building. We deservedly deserved to loose, all because of lack of leadership on the part of the managers of the party especially on the national front.

As been said by an Ache writer Chinua Achibe ďthe sun shines on those who stand; before it shines on those who sitĒ imagine, a chief executive officer of a company who does not know what goes on in the Marketing department or the HR department? Or board chairman who sits in the comfort of his armed chair and read papers without showing interest on the running of the organization?

As a party, I strongly posit we have ourselves to be blame for this undeserved loss, rather than trying to shooting at effect. If we had been vigilant and more proactive as the EC Chairman right from the beginning of this biometric exercise, told the whole world that, biometric is not a panacea to electoral fraud, I donít think we would have found ourselves in this path.

Dr. Afari Djan said it all, what did we do about it? Rather we resorted to the power of freelance airing of our strategies and operations. In as much as I strongly believe what has happened by way of inflated figures which have given the NDC the victory undeservedly, I cannot for once come to terms with anybody who would want to paint an ugly picture about the EC Chairman for what has happened. After all, competition in all facets of life is not for the Hard but for the swift.

Letís learn a great deal of lesson from what has happened to us and restrategise to compete head on with the NDC next time. We heard the victory; we have once again let it go, just as we did in 2008.

Party people, let all of us at this point, sit back and have a total postmortem of the situation and do an overhaul of our party hierarchy.

Let see the days when we had Da Rocha as Chairman and Dan Bothwey as General Secretary who command absolute will of the party and can be everywhere in the country in person and by information at a glance, can we say that since 2005 till date?

Well, folks letís not deceive ourselves, truth is bitter pill, but we fail to point it to our So call Political godfathers, we kill our party slowly as evidenced since 2008, with only two regions electorally. I donít think we can win political power with two regions, we need drastic, radical and a holistic revolution in our party, else our great party which was the admiration of many youth in the days past is fast becoming distasteful to them now.

Shouldnít there be a deliberate consensus building as part of our negotiation and internal arrangements in pursuit of the next leader of our great party in the coming months?

The party is made up of Dankwa-Dombo & Busia tradition, by extension, we have satisfied two of the three; can we look at the other element left in the equation for the good of the party?

In all this, let sober minds help the due process take its course so that our democracy can stand on a solid foundation for the good of our country. I therefore applaud my adorable leader Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, for his sheer show of leadership and showing the way for due process and the use of the Law. I hope all discerning patriots will commend Nana, because in times like this, the leaderís demeanor and what is said carry a lot of weight and volume and can spark negatively.

In all this Ghana is the winner, four years is not eternity and will surely come to us again.

I pray the NDC succeeds for the good of our dear country Ghana.

NPP shall bounce back in a grand and lovely style in 2016, but let no one think of such shameless behavior and act of impunity to subvert the will of the people ever again.

Koforidua-Eastern Region Ghana

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