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Poem: That woman
From: ANGELICA GYOGLUU          Published On: November 10, 2012, 16:11 GMT
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That woman
Rich in all that nature can give
There she is, a beauty even from afar
An embodiment of all that everyone desires

Be it the work of her hand
The knowledge that she possess
The strength that she carries
Above all the power that she wields.

Alas! she does not know
Wooed from left to right
She repeats the chorus of every sideís song
She cannot sing her own song

Poverty they say itís her name
Damnation her fate
She is losing her identity
She does not know what she wants
Always waiting upon others to be told

She is the one at the receiving end
Always waiting for a handout
Even within the plenty that she lies
She canít claim to own one

Her children are going wayward
They are at each otherís throat
Greed is tearing them apart
Her family is becoming a desert

Oh she seem helpless
Is she?
When will she gather her house together?
Determine her fate
Be the star among her mates.
Does she even know who she is?
Arise! oh AFRICA

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