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Why an apology is not enough, Ekow Smith-Asante
Society basically requires apologies to mitigate the impact of the indiscretion by its citizens, and so for many, an apology from the ace actor Ekow Smith-Asante to the people of Asankrangwa and Sefwi Wiaso who he described as uneducated, “who do not know jack about lighting, sound, good acting and other things and they are not ready to know”, in his infamous comments on Radio, should serve the purpose.

Why people give in to temptation when no-one's watching
Surveys now show bankers and doctors amongst the least trusted professions. They used to be touchstones of reliability - what happened? Highly influential bad situations happened.Why are apparently good people tempted to commit evil acts, asks novelist AL Kennedy

Aphrodisiac warning: death of shame!
Isn’t it shameful to die in an act of sexual intercourse? I mean an intercourse with someone you aren’t married to or perhaps a prostitute in the corridors of brothel.

Open letter to Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey...on appointment of EC Chairman
Dear Mr Obetsebi-Lamptey, I address this letter to you because of the serious controversy you have stirred following the letter you wrote to the Council of State to consider the concerns of the various political parties when advising the President on who to appoint as Chairman and Commissioners of the Electoral Commission (EC).

Marijuana and cigarette smoking: correcting the imbalance scale of legality
After decades of enjoying exclusive gushing glorification and relentless advocacy in a certain genre of music, current trends in legal enactments of certain western countries covering marijuana seem to be echoing the long-held epicurean views of its exponents.

Dr Afari Gyan is far more credible than Nana Akufo-Addo
If anybody from the NPP camp will call into question the integrity of the Electoral Commissioner, Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, it certainly must not be former President J.A Kufuor.

Rejoinder: My take on tribalism in Ghana
I read an article authored by Vincent Kuuire on the above subject a couple of days ago. Vincent’s conclusion in that article was that tribalism is real in Ghana.

A response to Gamal Nkrumah's claims: veil Is Islamic
In the August 24, 2013 edition of the ‘Daily Graphic’ Newspaper, an article titled ‘Political Islam Unveiled’ authored by a weekly columnist in the paper, Dr. Gamal Nkrumah, was published.

The heart of the petition
Call it political fanatism or whatever but I refer to it as paranoid suspicion. [Contrary to their real motives], the NPP's leadership made Ghanaians believe that the frivolous Petition, which was finally rubbished by the Supreme Court, was indeed something substantial to the course of our democracy.

What the NPP should be focusing on (I)
From August 2010 to October 2012, I wrote a series of memoranda to the Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) [Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo] under the theme The Forest Thinker Series.

Supreme Court judges are not angels
I am not here to defend anybody; I write only to make certain and clear the fact that in any constitutional democracy, such as Ghana's, citizens have a right to criticize both the actions and opinions of members of the highest court of the land, however distasteful such cavilling may be deemed.

Reality Zone with Vicky Wireko: Treading the path that builds rather than destroys
Personally, I have learnt a great deal from the eight long months of Supreme Court proceedings on the 2012 election petition case that was brought before it.

Who leads NPP in 2016?
With the recent Election Petition trial (EPT) in the Supreme Court (SC) over, and President Mahama confirmed, whether New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathisers like it or not, as having been validly elected, the political punditry has already begun: Who leads the NPP in 2016?

It’s all about people
Should the Chief Justice of Ghana, Her Lordship Georgina Wood be “hanged, drawn and quartered” because Atuguba JSC flunked his final lines in an otherwise flawless performance in the Election Petition Case? I certainly do not believe so.

Political attacks on the judiciary: Towards tyrannical and uncontrolled activism?
Since 1992 when Ghana embraced democracy there has not been such heightened and sustained attack on the judiciary as we see today, when we expect to enjoy the dividends of our seemingly maturing democracy.

Post verdict comments and contempt of court: The 2012 Election Petition in retrospect
After the Supreme Court pronounced its verdict on 29th August, 2013, one would have thought that every well-meaning Ghanaian will be grateful to God and the court and will wish Ghana well in her bid to deepen her incipient democracy.

Critical News: What happened to us?
It is over. With a finality that left us numb and confused, Thursday morning, prepped for the 10am start, like many other Ghanaians I had a good breakfast with family, our mindsets tuned to a historical upheaval of one sort or another and we weren’t disappointed. We had a historical event, it ended so quickly even the Petitioners and Respondent lawyers did not understand the verdict on the Election Petition.

Elections have consequences, so does election petition verdicts
Those who have wished and hoped the Election 2012 Petition that challenged the legitimacy of President John Mahama will bring electoral reforms to perfect Ghana’s democracy received the biggest blow by the court's decision which dismissed the case.

Ghana stands tall
Yesterday, Thursday August 29, the Supreme Court panel on the election petition declared that President Mahama was “validly elected.” Against all odds, the court, even if imperfect, had done their duty. Ayekoo to the Justices—regardless of how they voted.

Congratulations to every Ghanaian, but let’s face the facts - Part 2
It is sickening for NPP supporters to still claim victory when the obvious is indisputable.

Congratulations to every Ghanaian, but let’s face the facts -Part 1
First of all, let every tongue give praise to God Almighty for instilling the peace we all prayed for and for giving the various petitioners and respondents the spirit of acceptance of the Supreme Court verdict.